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This Thing Still Works, Right?

As much as I hate writing, I still feel like it's something I can do to keep my brain sharp. My ambitions as a new blogger back in 2006 were to do tech product reviews, music reviews, beers reviews, etc., and in the beginning, I pulled it off fairly well. After getting involved in podcasting, blogging became more of a burden than anything else because I was busy producing videos and audio shows. Currently, I'm still a podcaster, and I produce and edit two shows, Four Brewers and Cheap Beer Corner, as well as dabble in my own video content from time to time, so personal blogging is still something that I have less interest in doing. But...

I was on Twitter today and realized that it might be fun to post small snippets of my life on this dusty, old blog. Stuff that won't fit into a tweet and people generally wouldn't care about on Facebook seem to be what makes sense to post here. So, that's what I'm going to do. That's the plan. Actually posting content? We'll see...